Zevail Mountain Pathway
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine
Province Grinoires
Region Elsengran
Landmark Red Pine Forest

The Zevail Mountain Pathway travels along the south of Beldor Forest and the Pine River.[1] It passes through a valley of the Red Pine Forest and leading to the wild forest of Aouine’s borders. However, ever since ‘The Roaring Year’ (Year 350 of the first Era), there was no one who ever came out alive after they entered this mountain path.[2]

This area was excavated in the past to transport forest logs down the river, but with Madara’s expansion in the region, the logging mills were mostly abandoned.It then became disused and turned into a haven for illegal merchants who smuggled using the mountain pathway to avoid checkpoints. Some time later, a Golden Demon Tree set its roots in the area, taking the earth’s nutrients away and the entire forest surrounding that area started to decay. It also killed all creatures that carelessly entered, and the area was slowly perceived by people as a place of certain death.[1]

The pathway is now a desolate barren wilderness with very little vegetation or life. All that can be seen beyond the rocky ground are the occasional wilted bramble or trees. The Golden Demon Tree is also able to create creatures called Rotten Beasts and Demonic Trees which roam the valley and attack any living things that enter.[3]

It is possible to avoid most of the dangers in the pathway by climbing the steep cliff walls and traveling along the plateau.[1] There are also many hiding places where the hoard of Rotten Beats can be avoided. However, this path leads directly into the Forbidden Garden, where the Golden Demon Tree can be found.[4]

Known Creatures:

Game World

The Golden Demon Tree remained undefeated in the game for the first three years, and the NPCs even made a wooden post in front of the entrance, where they warned players of the danger in Dwarven, Elven and Aouine’s common language. The area was bleak, with enemies that are both strong and extremely numerous.[1]

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