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Character Information
Age teenage (deceased) [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Bucce Guard [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Guard
Light Novel Chapter 16 - Bucce’s guards

A member of Bucce's Guards, he has special training as a scout along with Ryan.[1] He always dreamed of being a scout so that he could discover the enemy as quickly as possible, because discovering them would justify his value.[2]

After Madara’s Undead Army invaded, Zeta evacuated to the north alone with the rest of Bucce's guards and citizens. However they were attacked by Rothko and Kabias's troops, who took hold of Beldor Forest. They managed to escape, but were cut off from reaching Fortress Riedon and suffered heavy casualties. This was his first real battle and it left a deep impression on him.[3]

That night Zeta was with the vice-captain, Bretton, when he lead a squadron of fifteen guards on horseback. They were looking for food and medicine in the Green Village when they came across Brendel, Freya, and Irene.[3]

Zeta was greatly effected by the grieving Freya when she found out about the death of her aunt and uncle. He talked to Irene about how he felt helpless at not being able to save those that died and guilty for surviving himself.[2]

After returning to the camp, Zeta was at the meeting with Captain Marden and heard about the Gargoyle that Brendel claimed to use to scout out the enemy's position. His story sounded plausible, since Zeta and Ryan had come across the it's ruined remains while scouting out Green Village.[4]

After the meeting, Bretton called Zeta and the rest of the guards to meet in secret and revealed his intention to switch places with Marden, so that the captain did not have to risk his life. Zeta and Ryan where on lookout and barley spotted Brendel stealthily approaching the group. They were impressed with his skills and cautiously attempted a surprise attack, but were quickly defeated.[5] He also listened as Brendel advised Bretton to leave without telling Marden and that they should attack from the Fox Forest.[6]

He was likely killed along with the rest of the guards by Rothko and Kabias's troops, allowing the refugees to escape.[7]

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