This is a Wizard class job that focuses on Spirit Magic and prophecy. It was originally the witches that foretold, along with Goddess Helene, that "The Darkness shall rise from the east." The prophecy and the recovery of The Mercury Staff of Loptr, united the Madara and led to The First Black Rose War.[1]

The witches are one of the groups that have focused on the study of Magic and Artifacts the most. When it was discovered that their was a limit to how much magical equipment a person could use, they speculated that it had something to do with a human’s mana pool.[2] The Talan Witches from Roens calls the region between the thumb and forefinger the "The domain of sacred mystery." They believed that it was where mana was gathered in the human body, and the many gestures used in Magic were evolved from that starting point. This is also why magic rings are placed on these two fingers.[3]

Known People with this job:

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