Winter Claw Fortress
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine [1]
Province Balta
Region Corcov Mountains

A fortress built high up in the Corcov Mountains. Because of its location, it stays rather cold all year round. In the past, it was used to oversee the savages that live in the forest, but since the Balta province was formed, it because one of the royal family’s villa.[1]

There is an ancient pine tree in the fortress’s diamond shaped garden. When the fortress was mostly destroyed by a fire, the tree had miraculously survived. Thinking it was a good omen, the tree was kept after the fortress was rebuilt.[1]

It was in this fortress that the first Madara envoy secretly came one the first day of the sixth month.[1] However, Oberg the Seventh decided not to meet with them on the advice of Marquis Kluge.[2]

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