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Character Information
Species Undead [1]
Hair Bald [2]
Profession Madara Nobel

Madara’s Undead Army General
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Home Madara [1]
Light Novel Chapter 11 - The two factions’ resolve

Also referred to as "Vesa."[3]

Wesker is a member of Madara and one of the powerful commanders of Madara’s Undead Army under Tarkus. During the invasion of Aouine that began The First Black Rose War, Tarkus ordered him and Ebdon to attack Verbin and the Dagger River together.[1]

Wesker committed a huge error on the battlefield, causing him to lose a lot of the glory.[2]

Game World

In the game he was known as the "Undead Ghost."[4]

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