Undead Acolyte Wizard

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Creature Information
Species Undead [1]
Profession Commands a hundred or more in Madara’s Undead Army [1]
Equipment Long Robe with a grey bone insignia [1]
Stats (OZ)
Level ~10 [1]
Attacks and Abilities
Light Novel Chapter 3 - Undead

An Undead Acolyte Wizard is one step above a Necromancer in Madara’s Undead Army. They look similar to a necromancer, with their long black robe, however there was a grey bone insignia on their sleeve.[1]

Madara had a restrictive aura based on levels. Anyone who tried to approach them would feel deep fear from within their souls. This was especially true because there were undead wizards who were naturally effective in manipulating and torturing the soul.[2]

Species Advancement

Undead Acolyte Wizard → Undead WizardLich

Known Undead Acolyte Wizards:

  • Rothko - commander of Madara's vanguard troops[1]

Game World

In the game, an undead acolyte wizard was roughly equivalent to a level ten player. Even if it fought alone against seven or eight well trained male adults, be it militia or the army, they would not the match for it.[1]

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