Note: All times are guess based on the contextual clues and may be corrected when more complete information is available. The order of events should be fairly accurate. Times are assumed to be the same as on Earth (i.e. 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year).

In the game world, time progressed eight times faster then the real world.[1]

Table of Arcs
Volume Arc Chapters Name
1 1 0 - 11 Rebirth: Surviving the First Night
2 12 - 23 Putting Knowledge to Use: Green Village
3 24 - 40 Cutting through the Blockade: The Zevail Mountain Path
4 40 - 56 Friend or Foe: The Fall of Fortress Riedon

Estimated Time Frames Timelines Story Arcs
Age Year Time Reference Major


Game World Current World
Era of Eternal Night Ancient Lore Era preceding Mother Marsha's creation of the world, who shed her first tear, creating the Golden and Silver Lineages.[2]
100 years before Era of Chaos The Miirna live in the icy plains of what is now northern Kirrlutz.[3]
Era of Chaos 471: Year of the Twilight Moon Tumen, the genius Elementalist Emperor, invented a technique of implanting Holy Sigils into artifacts, which solved the problem of imbuing them with Grade 2 power.[4]
Era of Darkness


The Ancestral Citizens fight and defeat the Dragon of Twilight.
All the Gods pass away and become constellations, except for Mother Marsha.
Era of the Holy Saints War of the Holy Saints After nearly seven hundred years of war, the coalized races, led by of the Four Saints prevail in a final battle against the Dragon of Darkness, Odin.
The Holy Crusade Gatel, the King of Fire, drive the Miirna into the cold north.[3]
A group of exiled Shadow Shamans became the earliest Dark Lords in the Madara region.[6]
Era of Runes and Swords
The Returning Light An ancient era well known for finely crafted armor. artifacts from this time are highly prized by all collectors.[7]

First Era
342: Year of the Hidden Beasts[8] 33 years before The undead army swept across the east of Karsuk. The governor of the City of Silver Horses ordered the gates to be shut, ignoring the pleas of refugees and forcing them to flee to the west. The entire region remained void of life long after.[8]
343[9] 32 years before November War The Knight's Longsword design is changed because of the cost of the November War.[10]
Year of Thunder / Thunderbolt Aouine starts mandatory militia training for all youths between fourteen and nineteen.[11]

Bucce is established and set as one of Stronghold Vermiere’s most important buffers[12]

350: The Roaring Year A Golden Demon Tree shows up in the Zevail Mountain Pathway sometime before this year.[13] This is the last time someone made it through the pass alive.[14]
355:The Moon Flowers 20 years before Freya Everton is born.[15][16]

The number 7 Healing Pot is made as a substitute for the number 5.[17]

356 19 years before Brendel is born.[10]
358 17 years before Freya's birth mother dies and she is hidden at Fortress Riedon.[18][16]
368: Revolution of the Black Rose 7 years before There is a change in the army affairs of the Madara, allowing the rise of strong leaders and a powerful military.[11]
370 5 years before Brendel starts his training in the Anchorite militia along with Bretton Remington.[6] The training is for six months each year.[11]
374 1 year before Brendel stays at his grandfather's house in Bucce while on leave from the militia. He meets Romaine and starts to like her.[11]
6 months before Brendel returns to his militia training in Anchorite.


Bustling summer leaves and flowers

a few months before The Mercury Staff of Loptr is found by the Madara in Ansel and used to open The Door of Lament.[6]
Jennie leaves Bucce to visit a nearby town.[19]
about 1 or 2 days before Brendel comes back to his grandfather's house in Bucce while on leave from the militia.[10]
0 days

(Timeline Split, fifth month)[20]

(V.1, Ch.0 - 11)

The First Black Rose War

Madara’s Undead Army invades Aouine starting the The First Black Rose War.[21] Rothko leads the vanguard to attack Bucce.[21]

Brendel is killed by a Skeleton scout from Madara’s Undead Army.[10]

Rebirth: Surviving the First Night

Marden evacuates Bucce’s citizens to the north.[11]

Sophie wakes up in Brendel's body with his memories and finds the Ring of the Wind Empress.[22]

Brendel (Sophie) meets Romaine and they escape the Undead by setting fire to his Grandfather's house.[11]

Brendel reaches Militia level 2, chooses the Unyielding Talent, but gets seriously injured.[23]

Marden evacuates Bucce’s citizens to the North.[21]

The third Militia platoon is separated and escapes to the south where they find Romaine and Brendel.[21]

With help from Brendel, the third Militia platoon defeats a Necromancer and four Skeletons after being discovered. Jonathon and Vlad are injured.[3]

Brendel learns the skill Emergency First Aid from Freya.[24]

Jonathon's injuries are stabilized by Brendel.[25]

1 day after
(5th month, last day)

(V.1, Ch.12 - 19)

Kabias's troops take over the Green Village.[26]

Rothko and Kabias move north and intercept the refugees from the villages before they reach Fortress Riedon.They cause heavy damages to them and cut off their escape. Freya's aunt and uncle are killed in this attack.[27]

Kabias's troops take over the Green Village.[26]

Rothko and Kabias move north and intercept the refugees from the villages before they reach Fortress Riedon. They cause heavy damages to them and cut off their escape. Freya's aunt and uncle are killed in this attack.[27]

Brendel, Freya, and Irene sneak into Green Village for supplies.[26]

After sending Freya and Irene off to a nearby farm, Brendel activates his Unyielding Talent, allowing him to get the key and open the Knight's Tomb.[28][29]

Inside the tomb, Brendel is attacked by a Gargoyle. He escapes by using the wind bullet ability of the Ring of the Wind Empress.[17]

Brendel acquires several Healing Potions, the Thorn of Light, the Gargoyle's control rod, and the job Mercenary from inside the tomb. He also unknowingly picks up the Holy Sword of the Knight Cards of Fate.[17]

After wiping out a large amount of the Undead in the Green Village, Brendel reaches Mercenary level 2, and ran into Bretton with the Bucce Guards.[30]

Freya learns of her aunt and uncle's death.[27]

Brendel and the third Militia platoon travel back with Bretton and the Guards to where the refugees are camping in Beldor Forest.[1]

Brendel explains to Captain Marden that the Madara are now unified and pose a much more dangerous threat to Aouine.[1]

Marden follows Brendel's suggestions and plans on breaking through the Madara at the River of Daggers with his guards, allowing the villagers to escape. Brendel and Romaine take on the responsibility of warning Fortress Riedon by traveling through the Zevail Mountain Pathway.[14]

Bretton and the guards leave early to stage the attack without Marden.[13]

Putting Knowledge to Use: Green Village

2 days after
(6th month, day 1)

(V.1, Ch.19 - 40)

Rothko and Kabias catch the refuges trying to break through their troops to reach Fortress Riedon. Very few of the villagers survive.[27]

Though Marden managed to survive, he lost all his pride and honor as a solider.[27]

After entering the pathway at dawn, Brendel and Romaine discover the Necromancer Kabara.[31]

They kill him and acquired his Ring of Spiders. Then rescue Freya, who had followed, from a Rotten Beast.[32]

They escape up the cliff after killing an Elite Rotten Beast. Brendel reaches Mercenary level 3 and acquires a Soul Gem.[33]

The Soul Gem activates the Holy Sword of the Knight Card and the Rotten Beasts swarm.[4] Brendel fights the Elite Demon Tree while Freya knocks down a bolder with the Ring of the Wind Empress to block the valley.[34]

Brendel reaches Mercenary level 6 and Militia level 3.[12]

Most of the Bucce Guards are wiped out by Kabias and Rothko's forces, but this allows the majority of the refuges to escape.[35]

Brendel, Romaine, and Freya enter the Forbidden Garden.[35] Brendel finds Bergens's remains and takes his items, including his last will.[36]

After taking out the last Demonic Tree patrol, Brendel, Romaine, and Freya are pulled into the Golden Demon Tree's Phantasmagoria attack.[37]

In the Golden Demon Tree's illusionary dream world, Brendel faces off against his grandfather. He is able to come to terms with his memories and safely wakes from the dream. This also allows his Swordsmanship to advance.[38]

Brendel quickly helps Freya wake up, however Romaine has difficulty waking.[39] It is only with the support of the Thorn of Light that she is also freed from the dream world.[40]

Brendel and the girls are able to use the assault of a young Rock Wurm on the tree to fight past the Golden Demon Tree's defenses and kill it.[41] They find many treasures, including the Heart of the Golden Tree, Forest Card, Highland Squire Card, Defensive Gauntlets, Short Sword, and Flame Magic Ring.[42]

Cutting through the Blockade: The Zevail Mountain Path

3 days after
(6th month, day 2)

(V.1, Ch.40 - 56)

Madara’s envoy arrives at the Winter Claw Fortress in secret, but Marquis Kluge convinces Oberg the Seventh to not meet with them.[42]

The Karsuk province faces Madara’s twin armies, ‘Winter Solstice’ and ‘Black Crow’.[42]

At Karlman’s mountain region in the north, a troop of the undead army advanced secretly.[42]

Stronghold Vermiere faces repeated attacks from Incirsta’s main army.[42]

Kabias's troops are the first to reach Fortress Riedon.[13]

Tarkus’s main force arrives and the refugees from Bucce suffer another devastating defeat.[27]

Fortress Riedon falls.[43]

Brendel, Romaine, and Freya emerge from the Zevail Mountain Pathway south of Fortress Riedon around midnight.[42]

Brendel starts to repair the Gargoyle through its control rod.[8] He also most likely rises Mercenary to level 8 and Militia to lvl 6 at this time.[44]

They are allowed entry by the guards after turning over their weapons and are immediately restrained under charges of being Madara spies.[8]

After escaping the guards and approaching Lord Esevar, they are still ignored and imprisoned. The Thorn of Light is confiscated by Earl Dunn.[45]

Brendel summons Ciel for the first time.[44] He then calls over the now repaired Gargoyle to escape the prison by flying away on it.[7] They then split up to gather what they need and agree to meet at the North gate to escape Fortress Riedon.[46]

Freya goes to The Red Bronze Dragon’s Story Bar to gather information of Romaine's aunt.

Romaine goes to a hostel to get a horse carriage and brings it to the north gate.

Brendel heads to Earl Dunn's residence to cause a commotion and to retrive the Thorn of Light.

Friend or Foe: The Fall of Fortress Riedon
The Madara commanders Wesker and Ebdon take control of the River of Daggers.[21]
7 days after

(6th month, day 6)

Stronghold Vermiere learns about Fortress Riedon's defeat, however Tarkus had already advanced to Anchorite.[43]
Aouine faces a one sided defeat, until the Bruglas army arrives and temperarly pushes Madara’s Undead Army back. However, the survivors were less than one out of ten.[22]

12 days after
(6th month, day 11)

The Vieiro region discovers the secret troop of Madara’s army in the north and sends the news to Corvado.[43]

13 days after
(6th month, day 12)

Oberg the Seventh meets Madara’s messenger in secret.[43]

14 days after
(6th month, day 13)

The Merchant Alliance of Ampere Seale announces they are going to participate in the war.[43]

15 days after
(6th month, day 14)

Oberg the Seventh officially meets Madara’s messenger.[43]
17 days after Tarkus gains control of the Valley of Jagged Rocks.[21]
21 days after

(6th month, day 20)

The frontlines stop advancing temporarily. Both countries establish a team of envoys, and negotiations begin.
(7th month day 5) The Madara army advance into Randner and encounter Ampere Seale’s hired mercenary army.[43]
The Battle at Fortress Frangerd occurs, raising Incirsta's fame when he defeats Ampere Seale’s troops.[43]
(7th month day 16) Oberg the Seventh meets with Madara's messenger again.[43]
(7th month day 19) Terms are met and The First Black Rose War ends.[43]
11 years before the Second Era Marden dies peacefully, but has deep regrets.[1]
The Third Black Rose War The Aouine kingdom is completely destroyed.[22]
Second Era
19 Sophie's character dies during a battle against Madara’s Undead Army by a Necromancer.[47]
44 End of the written game history.[22]

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