Thorn of Light
Item Information
Equipment Type Magic Sword
Ranking 20 OZ or less [1]
Stats Str: +1.0 OZ

Wil: +1.0 OZ
Phy: +1.0 OZ

Abilities Detect Undead


The Thorn of light is a powerful Level 19 Elven artifact sword that is in the Knight's Tomb of the Green Village. There were original seventeen similar swords made by the Elves, but the majority of them were collected and destroyed by Madara’s shadow lords in the first era. There were only three left, and this was one of them.[2]

It has a leaf-like appearance with the Elvish words:

"Thy sword shall burst forth from light, and strike thy enemies with terror."

When equipped, a person will get +1.0 OZ to their Strength, Will, and Physique Stats. It also has the ability to detect undead by pulsating with light when they are near.[2] When struck by the sword, it actually has a purifying effect on undead and demonic creatures, doing double damage. This effect can also immediately turn undead into ash, so piercing the skulls was no longer necessary.[3] It seems to have a similar effect on demonic creatures, causing them to be burned in a pale silvery flame.[1]

Game World

In the game world Sophie had never seen this sword before, but he knew of its fame.[2]

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