The 104th Light Infantry unit, also called the White Mane army, is part of Aouine's regional defensive. Its current captain, is General Luc Beson. Even though he is part of the of the Evertons (loyal to the crown), White-Mane army has become Earl Pola’s personal troops. Because of this, his position in the army was originally not welcomed, however over these last ten years he has earned the respect and loyalty of his subordinates.[1]

Members of this infantry wear a blue army uniform, with a pointed helm. They get their name from the emblem on their shoulder of a white patch of wolf fur. This unique decoration was awarded to this unit for their participation in The Hastings War, where they did not retreat.[1]

The unit was stationed at Fortress Riedon at the time that Madara’s Undead Army first invaded and started The First Black Rose War.[1]

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