The Public Mausoleum
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine
Province Grinoires
Region Elsengran
Settlement Bruglas

This is a dangerous area that can be found in the city of Bruglas.[1]

Game World

In the game, a player was not allow to use fire in this low level Dungeon. Since parties had to keep dodging a high level monster while trying to navigate the complicated passageways, items an equipment that raised perception and agility were highly sought after.[1]

Brendel’s friend had once given him the Ring of Spiders in order to run the dungeon. He nearly sold everything he had to gather a full set of 10 OZ worth of perception equipment, and in the end he still failed.[1]

A powerful item for warriors can be found within this dungeon, called The Emblem of Bravery, which added +2 to the Military swordsmanship skill.

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