This is a unique Mission that can be found in the Forbidden Garden of the Zevail Mountain Pathway. By climbing one of the rock walls, the skeletal remains of a young Bruglas Noble named Bergens can be discovered. Brendel had known about the remains from his previous life, but was unaware of the unique mission, as it was most likely completed by the first person to find them.[1]

The will states:

“Mother Marsha above, I might not be in this world for much longer. If I 
am to meet an unfortunate end, and the one who chanced upon my will, I 
would legally transfer all my possessions on my body to you. Furthermore, 
I have a secret wealth passed down from my ancestors, and would award 1/3 to 
you. Please pass 1/3 to my wife, Sadie, and 1/3 to my daughter…… (unintelligible).

If you are interested in this wealth, please pass my will and my keepsake to 
my wife, and tell her ‘The date on the Barde ball’ and she sill understand 
what I wish to convey.

Finally, I am sorry, Sadie. May Mother Marsha punish me.”

Brendel plans on trying to complete the mission after arriving in Bruglas by looking for Bergans's family in the citizen registry.[1]

Game World

In the game, the possessions found on the remains were random and could be all types of treasures and the chance for a Soul Gem was quite high. In the past, Brendel even managed to get an Amber Relic Stone. Since there was no will by the time Brendel was doing the mission he could only turn the Seal Ring into the Bruglas citizen registry and get a small reward.[1]

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