Tarkus Rheinische

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Character Information
Age middle age [1]
Species Undead: Vampire Lord [1]
Eyes eyepatch over right eye [1]
Profession Madara Nobel

Madara’s Undead Army General
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Home Madara [1]
Family Vampire Faction [1]
Light Novel Chapter 11 - The two factions’ resolve

Tarkus Rheinische is a Vampire Lord of Madara and is considered the right hand of Incirsta. A true veteran solider, he was chosen as the general in charge of the initial invasion of Madara’s Undead Army into Aouine. The commanders under him included: Rothko, Kabias, Wesker, Ebdon, and Raven’s Beak.[1]

After Rothko's vanguard troops struck Bucce, Tarkus told him to move towards Beldor Forest. He then had the main force of the army split into two, with Kabias attacking the Green Village while Wesker and Ebdon are to attack Verbin and then move to the Dagger River. He then has Raven's Beak sweep through with smaller squads to catch any survivors behind their front lines. He is confident in their victory.[1]

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