Stronghold Vermiere
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine
Province Grinoires

Also referred to as "Fortress Vermiere," "Fortress Vermeire," and "Stronghold Vermeire."[1][2]

Stronghold Vermiere is the major defensive line against the Madara in the southern Grinoires region of Aouine.[3]

The many small towns between Stronghold Vermire and the southern border are an important buffer for the fortress from the Madara. However, the lack of sufficient funds and various things that were omitted, a warning system was never created in these towns. Because of this, when Madara’s Undead Army attacked in full force at the start of The First Black Rose War, Vermiere had no warning at all.[1]

By the first day of the sixth month, Fortress Vermiere was facing repeated attacks from Incirsta’s grand army. However, they did not hear that Fortress Riedon had fallen until four days later, and by that time Tarkus's troops had already advanced to Anchorite and approaching their flank.[2]

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