This is Game Terminology for the quantified numbers associated with certain abilities and characteristics. Even though Sophie is known in a real world version of the game, he can still view the game display and stats. The majority of the stats are measured in OZ.[1]

The Holy Cathedral of Fire can test a person's stats by using an Amber Stone and have determined that the average stats are between 3 OZ to 20 OZ. This is classified as Grade 1.[2]

The known stats are:

Name Abbreviations Affects
Strength Str A person's ability to lift as well as punch. A typical human adult will have around 1 OZ in Strength. This would allow them to lift approximately 50 KG (110lbs) worth of weight, with a punching strength of at most 150 KG (330lbs).[1]
Agility Agi A person's speed, balance, and movement.
Physique Phy A person's stamina and ability to defend.
Intelligence Int A person's ability to make decisions and understand things around then.[3]
Will Wil A person's perseverance and determination.
Perception Per A character's ability to sense their surroundings, including hearing, smell, sight, touch, taste, as well as their complete comprehension towards space and objects.[4]A high perception is able to even detect enemies that are using Stealth Skills.[1]
Power Rating PR A person's overall fighting ability.

Game World

A player would start the game with "Hero" stats.[1]

Strength 2.0 OZ Intelligence 1.5 OZ
Agility 2.0 OZ Will 1.5 OZ
Physique 2.0 OZ Perception 1.5 OZ
Power Rating 5.0 OZ

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