Also referred to as "Soul Crystals."[1]

Empty Soul Gems are referred to as "Creation Containers."[2]

Soul Gems are an item that holds power from a soul, and is the purest form of energy in this world. Madara's undead wizards use them to power many of their spells. With different rituals, a person can use the energy by directly turning it into XP, replenish the energy for a piece of magical equipment, or activate certain special items.[3]

They look like obsidian crystals and are a bit heavy. When placed near a fire, the gem becomes slightly transparent since the power of a soul becomes unstable near fire.[2]

After all of the energy is used, the Soul gem becomes completely transparent and is then called a "Creation Container." Wizards will then use to store their spells.[2] Only those that have MP can activate a stored spell, making it impossible for most Warrior class jobs to use them.[1]

Game World

In the game, many wizards from different schools were studying their possible uses.[3] The energy in the gem could be directly converted into XP without any loss, however when converting it into AP you could only get one for every ten XP spent.[2]

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