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Character Information
Age 31 [1]
Species Human [2]
Gender Male
Current Stats (OZ)
Level 130 [3]
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Warrior


Light Novel Chapter 1 - The person in the dream [2]

Sophie was a thirty-one year old Chinese man that had been playing the virtual reality game "The Amber Sword" for over four years.[4] Though he was not an elite gamer, he could be considered a veteran Swordsman of the game with a lot of experience and over one hundred and thirty levels. After his character dies, his mind ends up transported to a real version of the game world in the body of the recently killed Brendel.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Sophie seems to easily accept the situation after finding himself Brendel's body, as he sees his former life outside of the game as useless. Though he shares a similar type of determination with Brendel, his outlook on life is far more pessimistic.[2] One of his strengths lies in is ability to not panic and think though possibilities in desperate situations.


Previous Life

As a normal person, he was not able to accomplish anything in real life and escaped by hiding in the gaming world.[2]

When Sophie starts playing the VRMMORPG ‘The Amber Sword’ he begins in the kingdom of Aouine at the start of The First Black Rose War. At that time he had followed the Bruglas army when they had come to rescue the devastated southern region and the survivors were less than one out of ten.[2]

He hears about the famous Ring of the Wind Empress, a reward for the mission ‘Bucce’s painting.’ However, he never got completed it because the mission vanished along with the next game patch.[3]

Sophie's game character dies in the 44th year of the second era while fighting with his guild, "The godly force," in the Orrgesh Mountainous Region against the Madara’s Undead Army. They were in an alliance with the holy Grays Church and other guilds, such as "The flaming thorns."[2]

Current Life

When Sophie wakes up he finds himself in the body of Brendel, a member of the Aouine kingdom's Militia. He not only has his memories, but also all of Brendels's. Though he no longer has the power or abilities of his former game character, he plans to use his knowledge to survive. Over time, the line between Brendel and Sophie's personalities seems to fade as their memories merge together.[2]

Note: The rest of his Current Life is continued on Brendel's character page.


Sophie's Chinese name is "Su Fei". It is translated to "Sophie" because of a joke later in the novel about it being a girls name.

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