Skill is a game term for active abilities that a player must trigger in order to have an effect. The skill usually will have a prequirement, cost, time frame, or other limiting factor which restricts its usage. However, unlike passive Knowledge, skills also tend to have a more powerful effect. After waking up within the game world, Brendel was able to use his skills just by thinking about them, as though they are in his memories.[1]

When a job level is raised, the person acquires ability points (AP). They can use these points to upgrade or learn new skills. When a skill is learned it is placed under the appropriate job. however, if a skill is learned without having a suitable job to match, it can be placed under a different job but will require double the normal AP to upgrade.[2]

There are some skills that are more common, however most are limited by the type of job a character has.

Common Skills Warrior Jobs Scout Jobs Wizard Jobs Priest Jobs
Throw Eagle-eye Basic Creation Spell of Holy Swords
Charge Precognition Mana Arrow
Power Break

Game World

In the game, the display would control the activation of skills as well as show the approximate paths that the player needed to take to use physical ones. For example, with wielding a sword, it would show where the sword should be swung at, and automatically aided and correct the angle.[1]

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