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Creature Information
Species Undead [1]
Build Bones
Eyes Red Flames [1]
Profession Madara's lowest rank [1]
Equipment Steel Longsword

Stats (OZ)
Strength 1.5 [2]
Intelligence None [1]
Weakness Purification
Resistance Pain
Attacks and Abilities
Status Effect Carrion Poison [4]
Light Novel Chapter 0 - Monologue

The lowest ranking and weakest soldiers in Madara’s Undead Army. They are usually equipped with a simple steel long sword, armor, and a heavy helmet with the black rose emblem on it. They have no Intelligence and are instead summoned and controlled by Necromancers using Soul Magic, granting them Soul’s Fire which they can use to move.[1]

These low ranked Madara’s soldiers lack intelligence and move slowly. They mostly fight with simple physical attacks. Their greatest weakness presents itself when they turn their body. While following their sword hand and moving towards the left a person can take advantage of their blind spot to safely attack.[5]

The only way to stop a skeleton is to pierce through the skull, which extinguishes their Soul's Fire.[5]

Abilities Skills Description
Status Effect Carrion Poison Causes a 20% Weakened effect on contact

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