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Character Information
Species Undead: Undead Acolyte Wizard [1]
Profession Madara’s Undead Army Vanguard Commander [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Home Madara [1]
Family Undead Wizard Faction [2]
Light Novel Chapter 4 - The devouring darkness

Also referred to as "Maeza."[3]

Rothko is the Undead Acolyte Wizard that lead the two hundred or so vanguard Skeleton and Necromancer troops of Madara’s Undead Army that attacked Bucce.[2] He is one of the low level commanders under Incirsta.[3] He is also a member of the Undead Wizard Faction in Madara.[4]

He ordered one of his subordinates, the necromancer Kabara, to locate and kill the humans (Brendel and Romaine) in the house on the outskirts. When he could not do so fast enough, Rothko moved towards the town and left him behind.[3] Because of his failure, Kabara was later sent to Zevail Mountain Pathway as punishment.[5]

After pelting Bucce with blue Soul’s Fire arrows, his troops moved in to occupy it.[3] He was then directed by Tarkus to occupy Beldor Forest, cutting off any path towards Fortress Riedon.[6] He also discovered and attacked the escaping survivors from the three towns along with Kabias's troops.[7]

The next morning, they were suddenly attacked by the guards, but it did not take Kabias's high level undead troops long to wipe them out. However, while they were distracted by the attack, most of the village refugees managed to slip by and reach the River of Daggers.[4]

Rothko does not care for Kabias, however his rank is only that of a minor commander, so he does not dare go against him. Even though he only lead a small vanguard, he was able to almost single handily wipe out the guards. This annoyed Kabias, as Rothko was able to steal all the glory. With such accomplishments, Rothko is ambitious to raise his status in the future. When both Kabias and Rothko felt the massive mana ripple caused by Brendel's Knight Card, but attributed it to the Golden Demon Tree. Out of concern that the ripple will alert their enemy, they decided to send out some troops in advance.[4]

Game World

Rothko was a well known Undead Wizard in the game. The players gave him the nickname "Corpse Wizard" because of his ability to easily convert the undead spirits into necromancers, replenishing his army very quickly. Even though he did not have a high offensive stat, he was cunning, patient and made use of his army as cannon fodder to exhaust the enemy and deal a blow to their morale.[2]

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