Rock Wurm

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Creature Information
Species Element Creature
Build long rock body with a circular mouth

30 meters(~100 feet) long (mature)
Stats (OZ)
Element Earth [2]
Physique extremely high [1]
Attacks and Abilities
Light Novel Chapter 39 - The death of the Golden Tree

This is a rare elite rank earth Element Creature.[2] A Rock Wurm in born directly from earth mana and takes about 80 to 120 years to mature.[3] They are clad in incredible high defense rock armor, making it nearly impossible to damage them with physical attacks. They can tunnel trough the hardest rock with the uncountable needle-like teeth in their whirlpool shaped mouth. [1] They rely on their ability to smell mana and feel vibrations to determine the location of its pray, therefore scattering mana objects help to draw its attention away.[4]

There is a young Rock Wurm just outside the Zevail Mountain Pathway that was born from the mana imbalance in the area and is a natural enemy to the Golden Demon Tree. By using its powerful roots the tree is able to keep the Rock Wurm at bay, however when that Golden Demon tree must use some of its roots to defend against other enemies, the Rock Wurm can use the opportunity to move in closer.[3]

After the Golden Demonic Tree is defeated, the Rock Wurm slowly takes its time absorbing the earth element mana from it.[4]

Game World

Brendel came across a battle between three users and a mature Rock Wurm in the game once. He saw that even a 40 OZ Vran Sword was not be able to pierce through the rock armor and do damage.[1]

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