Ring of the Wind Empress
Item Information
Equipment Type Magic Ring
Ranking 20 OZ
Stats Agi: +1.0 OZ
Abilities Wind Bullet

Sophie found this infamous magic ring hidden inside Bucce’s Painting. The ring was made of silver and had a looping appearance with a Holy Phoenix symbol, northern Sanorso's national emblem, in the center of it. It is said this was a fake keepsake belonging to one of the four saints, Delutte.[1] The fake ring was most likely made by a Human Wizard while the the true Ring of The Wind Empress were made by the Druids.[2]

The ring has an Agility +1.0 effect. It is also imbued with the Wind Empress Holy Sigil,which can expend the energy within to launch a wind bullet to strike at the enemies with about 30 damage.[1] The wind bullet is triggered by the ancient word "Oss" and equals about 30 wind damage.[3]

It takes three hours to restore a segment of energy, which is about half of the ring's strength. It most likely has a power of at least 20 OZ.[4]

Game World

In the game it was able to absorb a little energy every ten minutes.[1]

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