Pioneer is a job chosen by those that hope to make a name for themselves by settling their own land. In Aouine, not all lands are under control by the nobles. There is still lands alone the borders of the kingdom, between the civilized and savaged areas, that had not been tilled and are ready to be taken. Many people from different backgrounds, such as adventurers, mercenaries, illegal merchants, paladins and even priests haven been known to become pioneers.[1]

There is a even a law that once a pioneer founds a new land of their own, they could receive a position of nobility based on their size of the lands. These titles, however, were not to be used as hereditary titles, and most of the lands would ultimately be taken back by the kingdom and the Holy Cathedral after three generations.[1]

Game World

During the game, both players and NPCs could become pioneers. There were even some famous and isolated pieces of land that contained powerful relics, like Valhalla.[1]

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