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Creature Information
Species Undead [1]
Build Bones [2]
Eyes Green Flames [2]
Profession Madara’s Undead Army [1]
Equipment Bone Staff

Long Robes
Stats (OZ)
Strength 1.7 [3]
Weakness Purification
Resistance Pain
Attacks and Abilities
Black Magic Shadow Spells

Debilitating Spells
Soul Magic Summon Skeletons

Summon Ghouls
Soul’s Fire Blue Fire

Self Destruction
Light Novel Chapter 3 - Undead

The low level necromancers are able to use the novice ranks of black magic, and are able to conjure up ghouls and Skeletons from the nearby dead.[1] These makeshift skeleton soldiers’ combat prowess was much lesser compared to the regular undead skeletons. They were even weaker than an average adult male.[5] In Madara’s Undead Army a single necromancer typically controls a team of about fifteen skeletons.[2]

Necromancers did not have the ability to cast magic. Its true source of power comes from the bone staffs in their hands. The bone staff is a powerful magic artifact that is specialized to each individual owner, and once it leaves their hands it will become an ordinary stick. By forcing the staff out of their hands, they become much weaker.[3]

Just as with a skeleton, they can be destroyed by piercing through their skull, extinguishing the Soul's Fire within. However, after being fatally hit they can make their Soul’s Fire exploded as a final attack.[3]

Known Necromancers:

Abilities Skills Description
Soul Magic Summon Skeleton A spell to conjure a Skeleton from a nearby cemetery.[1]
Summon Ghoul A spell to conjure a Ghoul from a nearby cemetery.[1]
Soul’s Fire An icy blue fire attack.[2]
Soul's Fire Explosion self destruction[3]
Black Magic Debilitating Spells These spells rely on negative emotions to cause damage. They are the primary means of attacking for Necromancers and use negative energy to invade the minds of their enemies. The stronger the negative energy from the enemies, the weaker their wills are, and the more damage the spells will do.[3]
Shadow Spells These spells aid in concealment, and can be used to cover the tracks of the undead troops. It does not hide sounds or smells and only works in a small radius. This is one of the reasons that the Madara move at night.[3]

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