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Character Information
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Bucce Militia third platoon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Militia [1]
Skills Military Swordsplay

Emergency First Aid
Family Vlad (brother) [1]
Loves Freya? [2]
Light Novel Chapter 11 - The two factions’ resolve

A member of Bucce's Militia third platoon along with his brother Vlad. He comes from the mountainous Bora region and was forced to move here. He inherited the native feature of a taciturn behavior, and did more work than talk.[1]

He fought against one of the Skeletons during the Necromancer attack.[1]

Neberto, along with Mackie, assisted Brendel in using Emergency First Aid on Jonathon and was able to pick up the basics of the skill.[1]

After being exhausted from traveling all night, Neberto rested with the other militia near Crystal Lake. He shows some interest by his reaction when the awkward atmosphere between Freya and Brendel is pointed out.[2] Everyone thought Brendel was nuts when he suggested that he will travel to the nearby Green Village for supplies, along with Freya and Irene, despite his heavy injuries.[2] However, after watching Brendel's amazing skills with the sword, which even defeated Freya, Neberto could not say anything to stop him. Brendel also asked him to stay behind to look after the injured.[3]

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