Also referred to as a "Civilian Solider."

This is a rather common, unranked, and low level Warrior class job type in Aouine, as every youth would receive militia training starting from the age of fourteen. The training would take place every year from the October to March until they reached nineteen. The youths and adults who received the training would be able to become militia or perhaps even Guards, and become the most important reserves during times of war. This rule was set during the Year of Thunder, and militia training became one of the most important measures in Aouine’s military initiatives.[1]

Aouine’s military swordsmanship is characterized by its balance in both offense and defense.[2]

As a youth of Aouine, Brendel also has militia training. Since this was his only combat job at the time, he spent his xp to level it up once.[3]

Known People with this Job:

Job Advancement


Level Experience needed


2[3] +3 Str:+0.1, Phy: +0.1, 10 AP
3[4] +6 Str:+0.2, Phy: +0.2
4 ? Str:+0.2, Phy: ?
5 ? Str:+0.3, Phy: ?
6[5] ? Str:+0.3, Phy: ?

Note: The Novel usually tells us the total value of Brendel's Strength and does not break it down for us. However, from this we can infer what he likely received from these levels. Most of the other stats are very rarely mentioned.

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