Also referred to as "Magic Points" or "MP."

Mana is the energy that is used to power Magic. Only players that have an elemental pool unlocked can store mana and use it to cast spells and use magical items like Creation Containers.[1]

Ripples in mana are caused whenever magic is used or influenced. This includes spells and reactions like mana resonance. A larger spell will cause a larger ripple.[2] A large ripple can even stun creatures that are sensitive to mana.[3]

Resonance happens when an item reacts to the soul’s energy. There are many different types of resonance, with absorbing being one of the strongest reactions.[2] It is something like an osmosis process where a higher rating magical item takes energy away from one with a lower rating. But it was incredibly rare for an artifact below 40 OZ to do something like this. Strong resonance can also occur when Combination Item are nearby.[4]

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