Madara is a kingdom that commands the Undead army and lies south of Aouine. They have Brumand's black rose emblem on their armor and weapons and have been involved in small skirmishes for years.[1]

Their members have a restrictive aura based on levels. Anyone who tried to approach them would feel deep fear from within their souls. This was especially true because there are undead wizards who are naturally effective in manipulating and torturing the soul.[2]

In the year 368, "The Revolution of the Black Rose", capable leaders took power and developed a strong military foundation. Seven years later, in 375, they invaded Aouine and began The First Black Rose War.[3]


They were founded before the Era of Runes and Swords, when a group of exiled shadow shamans became their earliest dark lords. Soon after it became a paradise for pirates and undead creatures. However, the lords were never united and constantly attacked each other as well as the neighboring Kirrlutz, Aouine, Osor, and Baamrin. Because of their lack of unity, the formations between different commanders would be vastly different and appear to be a mess.[4]

The three main factions of Madara are the Undead Wizards, the Vampires, and the Dark Lords. The Madra have never been completely united before. However, in the past, the undead wizard Loptr came very close. There is a prophecy that says that someone that possesses The Mercury Staff of Loptr will be able to "rule the darkness in the world."[5]


  • Ansel - region controlled by the Undead Wizards

Game World

In the game. Madara invades Aouine two more times in the second and third Black Rose Wars, eventually destroying the kingdom.[3]

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