Luc Beson /吕克贝松爵士

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Chinese 吕克贝松爵士
Alias The Tiger
Character Information
Age 45 [1]
Species Human [2]
Gender Male [2]
Build dusky skin, prominent forehead with scar
Profession General

Captain of the 104th "White Mane" Light Infantry
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Soldier [2]
Home Aouine [2]
Light Novel V.1, Ch.45 - Night scenery

Luc Beson is the captain of Aouine's 104th "White Mane" Light Infantry. He is a part of the Evertons, which was also the restoration faction, while the White Mane's have became Earl Pola’s personal army. His position in the army was not welcomed, but this did not hinder him from displaying his prestige to his subordinates and gaining their respect over these last ten years.[1]

He has a dusky skin, a prominent forehead with a knife scar, and high cheekbones from his half highland bloodline. His face is slightly flattened, thin, and his deep gaze which holds a hint of wildness. He was stationed along with the White Mane Army at Fortress Riedon at the time that Madara’s Undead Army invaded and started The First Black Rose War.[1]

It was his men that where guarding the Black Prison when Brendel, Romaine, and Freya where imprisoned and subsequently broke out. Though he angerly rebuked his men for their incompetence, he was also impressed by Brendel's ability.[1] After hearing about the magic Squire that help him escape, Luc Beson was almost certain that Brendel is linked to the Highland Knights.[2]

For some unknown reason, Earl Dunn had hinted that he wanted Brendel killed. However, Luc was not about to blindly follow Dunn's request without understanding why he would want Brendel dead, and instead ordered that he be captured unharmed. After hearing that the Parliament building was on fire, he directed his men on where to focus their attention. He decided to ignore the nobles, and focused his men on places the fugitives might be headed, including the hostels.[1]

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