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Aouine is a relatively young kingdom that was formed after Erik, the Wise King, led citizens to split from Kirrlutz a few centuries before the start of the novel. It is comparatively smaller and located within the Vaunte continent.

Administratively, Aouine is "controlled by thirteen ‘rulers’, (...) comprised of six Dukes, two Marquises, and five special Counts."[1] Despite


Kingdoms Provinces Regions Settlements / Landmarks Buildings / Dungeons
Aouine Grinoires (戈兰—埃尔森) Elsengran Bruglas The Public Mausoleum
Grey Eagle Hills
The Forest of Hunted Deer
Stronghold Vermiere
Red Pine Forest Zevail Mountain Pathway
Pine River
Valley of Jagged Rocks
Gesund's Mountains
Crystal Lake
Green Village Knight's Tomb
River of Daggers
Beldor Forest
Fortress Riedon Black Prison
The Red Bronze Dragon’s Story Bar‎
Ponoa’s Market
Webster River
Balta Corcov Mountains Winter Claw Fortress
Vieiro Ampere Seale ? Port of Freedom
Prison Fortress
Karsuk duchy


City of Silver Horses
Lopes Orrgesh
Madara Undead Wizard Faction Ansel The Door of Lament
Vampire Faction
Dark Lord Faction

Misc. Collected Notes Edit

Administratively, Aouine is "controlled by thirteen ‘rulers’, (...) comprised of six Dukes, two Marquises, and five special Counts."

Grand Duke = 大公

Aouine Large Map ("埃魯因全圖吧" from ck101 forum) found via google

沃恩德 – Vaunte (continent)


科尔科瓦 – Corvado (Capital Region) borders with Hallowed Temple of Earth, Kirrlutz

都门斯特罗斯 – Monsteras, capital

Marquis Kluge, currently Prime minister to king Oberg

Marquis Yael, cousin of the king

Wolf Lord Oberbeck, close aide to the king

巴尔塔 – Baltha (region) highlands, dialect akin to old Kirrlutz, borders with Kirrlutz

Marquis Baltha, Lord of Swords


西法赫 – Seifer (Province) borders with Kirrlutz

duke Seifer, one of the 3 top forces of Aouine, Queen Anna's brother. Has son Benninger


安培瑟尔 – Ampere Seale (Province) biggest trading harbor in Aouine, dubbed 'Port of Freedom', close to Arreck's mountains.

has a prison fortress


安列克 - Arreck (Province) north (and south?) coastal area

duke Arreck, one of the 3 top forces of Aouine

兰托尼兰 - Lantonrand (Province) has epon. fortress, north coastal area

duke Rhun

让德内尔 – Randner (region) sitting between Arreck and Vlada

count Randner, not amongst the top power

托尼格尔 - Trentheim (Baronny)

弗拉达 – Vlada Princess Gryphine's private lands, south coastal area

(巴斯塔)王立骑士学院 – (Barsta), the Royal Cavalry Academy


维埃罗 - Vieiro (Province) north-east relative to the big lake. Region settled by Lord Roman, the last Pioneer knight

duke Vieiro, one of the 3 top forces of Aouine

卡拉苏 - Karsuk (Province)

duke Karsuk

凯尔曼山脉 - Karlman mountain region further to the north and close to the sea channels


戈兰埃尔森 - Grinoires (Province) impoverished

duke Grinoires, no ally in capital


敏思堡 – Fortress Minst

里登堡 Fortress Riedon

布拉格斯 Bruglas The wind became stronger in Bruglas's outskirts. It came from the direction of the sea, and the wind followed the northern mountainous region Karanjar to Randner's mountainous region, bringing along the scent of the forest and rivers across its long journey


Trentheim (Baronny) 托尼格尔 affiliated to count Randner

"If one were to look Trentheim from above, they would discover that each end of the region was high and the middle section low."


格里斯港 - Port Gris "The most eastern port of the kingdom" (actually, most western of Trentheim)

格里斯河 - River Gris flowing from east into the sea. North of River Gris has hills with gentle angled slopes


Macsen region

Palas region

"To the north of the river was the Macsen region, and traveling further would lead to the Palas region."


(矿镇)沙夫伦德 – Schafflund (mining town)

格拉哈尔 – Graham’s mountain rich in silver veins, extended towards Karanjar's mountains and the Dark Forest.

"The east of the river was the Schafflund mines which overlooked a particularly important passage towards Firburh"


格瑞斯渡口 - Gareth's Crossing Town on River Gris

敏思堡 – Fortress Minst a day's journey from Firburh, probably north-east, between Firburh and Macsen (one of Graudin's retainers within Trentheim).


冷杉城 - Firburh (Burh = old english for city) core city of Trentheim, impoverished af by Baron Graudin

"The south-west area was a plot of barren land with the city Firburh built in that location."

"Aouine's southern borders were next to the Wilderness"

卡兰加 – Karanjar’s mountainous regions which wrapped around Firburh and continued eastward to the Dark Forest.

Karanjar "Peninsula", "Islands" => confused???

黑森林 - Dark Forest

绿村 - Viridien Village

瓦尔哈拉 – Valhalla old city somewhere in the Wilderness, probably south-east but close to the Karanjar mountain ranges


信风之环 – Loop of Trade Winds very cloudy place "the circulation of the winds to form a massive loop, entering from the southern forest of Mountain Karanjar, then passing through the islands"

"The Loop of Trade Winds originates from the Karanjar's eastern peninsula, loops around the mountain, and is the most spectacular natural sight. The white clouds would form a wall that extends to the southern Aouine. Even Trentheim and Vlaada would be able to witness it."

"<The geology of Lantonrand>, Grandmaster Tulman's work--"


大地圣殿 - Hallowed Temple of Earth (federation?)

托奎宁 – Toquinin Catmen nation

(鹰帝国)克鲁兹 - (Eagle Empire) Kirrlutz

玛达拉 - Madara (Empire)

哈泽尔 – Hazell (kingdom) located in central Vaunte, somewhere to the west of Kirrlutz, and the borders between the two kingdoms were separated by mountains that extended all the way to the clouds.((【TAS】V.3, Ch.65))

very distant from Aouine

蝎狮公国 - Manticore Duchy a small kingdom from the north of Aouine

Nine Phenix kingdom - far eastern desert

Glace (Kingdom) - the kingdom of knights, one-fifth of Aouine's land area ----------------------------------------------------------------

The Hazell kingdom is located in central Vaunte, somewhere to the west of Kirrlutz, and the borders between the two kingdoms were separated by mountains that extended all the way to the clouds.[2]

References Edit

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