Also referred to as "Skill Sets."[1]

Knowledge is the game term used to describe passive abilities. These are things that do not need to be triggered and are always available. Though they are very convenient, they typically also have weaker effects then activated skills.[1]

When a job level is raised, the person acquires ability points (AP). They can use these points to upgrade or learn new knowledge. When knowledge is learned it is placed under the appropriate job. however, if knowledge is learned without having a suitable job to match, it can be placed under a different job but will require double the normal AP to upgrade.[2]

There is some Knowledge that is more common, however a lot of it is limited by the type of job a character has.

Common Knowledge Warrior Jobs Scout Jobs Wizard Jobs Priest Jobs
Basic Military Organization Stealth Basic Magic Holy Magic
Geography Swordsmanship Scouting Sigil Magic
Local Grappling techniques Search Conjuration Magic
Tactical Theory Elemental Magic
Emergency First Aid Chord Magic
Horsemanship Shaman Magic
Astral Magic
Leyline Magic

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