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Character Information
Species Undead: Skeleton Warrior [1]
Build Skeleton [1]
Eyes Dark Yellow Flame [1]
Profession Madara Nobel

Madara’s Undead Army General
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Home Madara [1]
Family Dark Lord Faction [2]
Light Novel Chapter 11 - The two factions’ resolve

Kabias is a Skeleton Warrior of Madara and one of the powerful commanders of Madara’s Undead Army under Tarkus. He resembles a giant skeleton with brass armor with dark yellow Soul’s Fire and is sometimes called "The Death God."[1] He typically battles with a double-edged axe.[3] He controls about one fifth of Tarkus’ left wing’s army, with Skeletons, Necromancers, Pale Knights, and Dark Warriors [2] He is a member of the Dark Lord Faction in Madara.[2]

During the invasion of Aouine that began The First Black Rose War, Tarkus ordered him to attack the Green Village.[1] After striking them, he met up with Rothko's troops and attacked the surviving Bucce Guards and refugees. They were able to inflict heavy damages before the refugees where able to escape, as well as cut them off from reaching Fortress Riedon.[4]

The next morning, they were suddenly attacked by the guards, but it did not take Kabias's high level undead troops long to wipe them out. However, while they were distracted by the attack, most of the village refugees managed to slip by and reach the River of Daggers.[3]

Kabias does not care for Rothko, as he is only a minor commander and member of the Undead Wizard Faction. However, even though he only lead a small vanguard, he was able to almost single handily wipe out the guards. This annoyed Kabias, as Rothko was able to steal all the glory. When both Kabias and Rothko felt the massive mana ripple caused by Brendel's Knight Card, but attributed it to the Golden Demon Tree. Out of concern that the ripple will alert their enemy, they decided to send out some troops in advance.[3]

Game World

From his knowledge from the game, Brendel knew Kabias as the one who razed the Green village to the ground. He was not very famous in Madara’s history, but was considered as a veteran and definitely one of Tarkus’s generals in the First Black Rose War.[2]

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