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Character Information
Age ? (destroyed)
Species Undead: Necromancer [1]
Profession Madara’s Undead Army team commander [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Strength 1.7 [2]
Perception ? (+0.2) [3]
Attacks and Abilities
Light Novel Chapter 4 - The devouring darkness

Kabara is one of the Madara Necromancers that served under Rothko during the Undead army's attack on Bucce. It was him that controlled the Skeletons that attacked Brendel and Romaine in the kitchen. However, when the fire dragged the fight on, Rothko left him behind with eleven skeletons and continued moving towards the town.[4]

Despite having four of the skeletons stationed in an ambush at the back door, Brendel and Romaine were still able to escape, leading to his failure.[4]

To punish him, he was then given the task of scouting out the Zevail Mountain Pathway and was attacked by Rotten Beasts. Even though the plants were naturally weak to the undead's Soul’s Fire, the light attracted more of them. It did not take long for him to be surrounded and most of his skeletons to be destroyed.[5] In an attempt to escape, he climbed the steep cliffs of the pass but unexpectedly ran into Brendel. He was destroyed after being stabbed into the head with the Thorn of Light. Brendel also took Kabara's Ring of Spiders.[3]

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