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Character Information
Age teenage [1]
Gender Male
Personality timid
Profession Bucce Militia third platoon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Militia [1]
Light Novel Chapter 7 - The bloody forest

A member of the Bucce Militia's third platoon. After the attack by Madara’s Undead Army his platoon got separated from the rest of the forces and was stranded south of Bucce in the forest. While on lookout he was caught by a Necromancer and lead him back to the third platoon's camp when threatened, earning the anger of the other members.[1] When the Necromancer started his attack he struck out at Johnathon first, destroying one of his arms.[2]

After the platoon defeated the necromancer and his Skeletons, they were at first unsure if they should help Jonathon, but they listened when Brendel told them to Bandage his wounds.[3] After learning the Emergency First Aid skill from Freya, Brendel tested it out on Johnathan and was able to stabilize him with the assistance of Mackie and Neberto. Even still, he was in a coma and unlikely to wake up.[4]

After being pulling him along on a stretcher all night, the militia rested near Crystal Lake. Jonathon managed to survive, but Brendel was not optimistic about his chances.[5] Because of his injuries, he stayed with the rest of the militia as Brendel, Freya, and Irene sneaked into the Green Village for supplies.[6]

After Brendel and the others met up with members of the Bucce Guards, Jonathon and the rest of the militia were taken to the camp group with all the other refugees from the villages. Brendel then used one of the Heath Potions that he found to heal his wounds and allow him to survive, though his arm was still gone.[7]

Fenix and Jonathon saw Brendel and Romaine off when they left for the Zevail Mountain Pathway and was very grateful to Brendel for saving his life.[8]

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