Also referred to as "Professions."[1]

A Job is game terminology that refers to a specific type of title or classification that unlocks associated skills in the game. A job also determines the rate that associated stats will rise when enough experience is gained to level up.[2] After leveling up a job, the person will also be given some ability points, allowing them to advance their skills as they wish.[3]

A person can acquire new jobs by triggering the "Proof of Inauguration" and paying the required experience. Brendel is able to unlock the Mercenary job when he equips the Thorn of Light and spends 2 XP. [1]

Jobs are organized into a few set classes: Wizards, Priests, Scouts, and Warriors. A person's level in a class will determine their Grade and job type.[4]

Known Combat Job Types:

Warriors Scouts Wizards Priests

Known Social Job Types:

Nobles Could be a Noble or a Commoner Commoners
  • King
  • Lord
  • Baker
  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith

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