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Character Information
Age teenage [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Female [1]
Profession Bucce Militia third platoon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Militia [1]
Skills Military Swordsplay [2]
Light Novel Chapter 8 - The bloody forest

A member of Bucce's Militia and one of their best swordsmen.[2] Though, like everyone else, she panicked when faced by the vicious necromancer. She was able to pull herself together when the support of Freya and Brendel. During the fight with Necromancer and four Skeletons, she teamed up with Mackie and managed to defeat one of the skeletons.[1]

When two of the skeletons were defeated, Brendel directed Freya and Irene on how to fight the necromancer. After it was evident that they were having problems, Mackie and Fenix, also joined them to help, against Freya's wishes. They were able to slowly whittle away at it by following Brendel's directions step by step, as he could predict and counter all the necromancer's moves. This allowed them to defeat it, despite their inexperience, with only slight injuries. She received superficial burns on her right hand when the necromancer's Soul’s Fire exploded.[2]

After being exhausted from traveling all night, Irene rested with the other militia near Crystal Lake. Everyone thought Brendel was nuts when he suggested that he will travel to the nearby Green Village for supplies, along with her and Freya, despite his heavy injuries.[3] However, after watching Brendel's amazing skills with the sword, which even defeated Freya, Irene could not say anything to stop him.[4]

On the outskirts of the village he warned them about the high number of undead and pointed out a nearby farm that he said had supplies in its cellar. Irene then carefully sneaked over to the farm with Freya to wait for him.[4]

Bretton Remington, the vice-captain of Bucce's guards showed up at with a small squad. They also were looking for supplies and set fire to the farmhouse while wiping out the undead in the area. By the time Freya and Irene caught up to them, Brendel was there and they overheard them saying that Freya's aunt Shia and uncle Cecil had died in a Madara attack.[5]

Though her friend was greiving, Irene chose to keep her distance, as she felt like Brendel would help Freya more. While she watched nearby, a Guard named Zeta talked with her about how he felt helpless at not being able to save those that died and guilty for surviving himself.[6]

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