Holy Sword of the Knight
Item Information
Equipment Type Cards of Fate
Heroic Deck, Chapter 2
Ranking 40 OZ [1]
Abilities Grade 2 Spell of Holy Swords

remove dark Status Effects

This is the first Card of Fate that was discovered by Brendel. It is the chapter 2 card from the Heroic Deck and has an image of a kneeling knight wearing a full set of armor with his hands raising a sword in the air. Brendel unknowingly acquired the this card from Gerald's Tomb as it was attached to one of the no. 9 Healing Pots.[3] The card has Holy Magic effects, even though it uses Earth EP and is effective within 1000 meters.[2]

Cost Effect
6 Earth EP
+2 Earth EP (each additional 10 min.)
+2 SP (each additional10 min.)
Summons and maintains the Holy Sword
Summoned Abilities 1 Earth EP Grade 2 Spell of Holy Swords attack
1 Earth EP dismiss your sickness, curses or darkness-related status (automatically applied when summoned)[2]

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