These are elemental marks that are placed onto equipment in order to imbue it with Grade 2 power.[1]

In this long chaotic era, the Human and Elven Wizards were unable to solve the problem of adding Grade 2 power into magical equipment. It was only until the ‘Year of the Twilight Moon’ (Chaos Era: Year 471), that the genius Tumen, the Elementalist Emperor, was able to solve this.[1]

He invented the technique of implanting Holy Sigils into items, which solved the problem of imbuing them with Grade 2 power. From then onwards, creating magical items that over 40 OZ and above became a reality. Over time, the complicated sigils from Tumen’s time underwent many evolutions until they became the current Holy Sigils in this era.[1]

Known Holy Sigils:

Name Magic Effect Known Equipment
The Elven’s Wind Empress[1] Wind Magic Ring of the Wind Empress
Half Plate of the Wind Empress
Kirrlutz’s Fire God[1] Fire Magic
Irendar’s Water King[1] Water Magic
Sigil of Fate[2] Varies / Holy Magic Cards of Fate

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