Also referred to as the "Church of Flames."[1]

Leading Religious body of Aouine. Employs a large and powerful force of Knights.

The church uses Amber Stones to determine a persons stats and grade.[2]

When an infant receives a baptization at the Holy Cathedral of Fire they are also tested. Those that are found to have innate higher stats are then given a title based on the grade.[3]


Known titles

Title Grade
Enlightened 1
Chosen 2


Three levels:

The Flame Council, composed of Cardinals appointed at/by? various kingdoms, forming a total of eleven bodies

Major Archbishops in charge of the various regions, followed by Archbishops in charge of local territory.

A Bishop must at least have a Gold-ranked status.

(V.3 Ch.159)


The following is merely an hypothesis not explicitly supported by canon material, and may be just anecdotal evidence.

The number thirteen seems to carry religious and/or mythological symbolism in the HCoF's religion, that carried over in how the Aouine society was shaped at the very least:

  • it notes the "thirteen million laws, a'thro (the laws of the Elements)"
  • the HCoF's bible is the body governing the adventurers administration, and there are thirteen core rules in the Mercenaries' Oath/code
  • thirteen High Nobles, 'rulers' ("six Dukes, two Marquises, and five special Counts")
  • Count Randner has thirteen most trusted knights

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