Highland Squire
Item Information
Equipment Type Cards of Fate
Heroic Deck, Chapter 9
Abilities Summons the Level 8 Scholar Ciel [1][2]

This is the chapter 2 Card of Fate from the Heroic / Knight deck that caused the mana resonance with the Holy Sword of the Knight card. It was found by Romaine in the branches of the defeated Golden Demon Tree and given to Brendel. It has a similar design and coloring as the Holy Sword of the Knight card, however the image depicts a tall knight with a squire by his side wearing a long robe.[1]

From the description, Brendel can tell that the summons will be an apprentice squire from the Karsuk’s Highlands.[1]

Cost Effect
1 Water EP
+1 Water EP (each additional day)
Summons and maintains the Highland Squire, Ciel.[3]

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