A legendary item that could be found after defeating the Golden Demon Tree in the Zevail Mountain Pathway.[1] After defeating the Golden Demon Tree, Brendel cut away the bark to retrieve the Heart of the Golden Tree.[2]

Even though the heart was there, he was disappointed to find that it was still in a crystal form. It appeared no to have fully formed yet, since the Heart of the Golden Tree that he had received in the game would have been three years later.[2]

Game World

After the secret on how to defeat the Demon Golden Tree was made known, it became possible to solo the Boss. Brendel was one of the many players that killed the Golden Demon Tree countless times to farm the high quality items that it dropped, including the "Heart of the Golden Tree".[3]

In the game, the heart could restored 1 hp every minute, making it an extremely powerful and sought after item.[1]

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