Half Plate of the Wind Empress
Item Information
Equipment Type Armor: Torso
Ranking 15 OZ
Abilities Wind's Feathers

Created by the Elven blacksmith Saint Orso. This was an equipment was specifically made for the Elven guards; but ever since the Year of the Returning Light, there were hundreds of such armor plates that were brought into various kingdoms, so they were not particularly valuable.[1]

It has a copper color with black gold symbols on it, including the Wind Empress's Holy sigil. When it is activated with the ancient word “S’Taz,” a green color light wraps around the armor. This is the Wind’s Feathers and is a type of magic that reduces damage and makes the armor lighter. The light from the "Wind’s Feathers" can only be seen if it activated against an enemies’ attack.[1]

Brendel found the armor in a hidden cellar of the Green Village and gave it to Freya.[2]

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