Gryphine Corvado Manoff

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Character Information
Age 15 [1]
Species Half Human / Half Elf [1]
Gender Female [1]
Hair Silver [1]
Personality cold, determined, decisive [1]
Profession Princess of Aouine [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Family Corvado Royal Family

Oberg the Seventh (father)

Haruze (brother)
Light Novel Chapter 39 - The death of the Golden Tree

Also referred to as "Grffyn."[1]

Gryphine Corvado Manoff is the half Human, half Elvan daughter of Oberg the Seventh and Princess of Aouine. Despite her position, she takes physical training very serious and has trained in the Swordsmanship of a Knight. She is determine to work towards a stronger Aouine in the future and towards that purpose as worked hard to raise her own strength as well as that of her younger brother, Haruze.[1]

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