Also referred to as "Rank" or "Tier"

The Holy Cathedral of Fire can test a person's stats by using an Amber Stone and have determined that the average stats are between 3 OZ to 20 OZ.[1][2]

On the entire Vaunte Continent, about 60% of the people are considered Grade 1. However, since a humans’ average lifespan was over one hundred and sixty years old here, most of these people are older. Among those that are seventeen to nineteen, only about 20% would reach this grade. In Aouine, most of those with that level of talent can be found in the Guards, with the rest being in the Wizard Academy, the church, or the reserve Knights.[1]

Known Grades:

Grade Rank Level


Average Stats (OZ) (Approx.) Notes
Warrior Wizard Priest Knights[3]
0 White Second-class(lower) (Unranked) 1 - 5 1 Militia / Guards
White First-class




White First-class (upper) White First-class (upper) 5 - 20[4] 2 Soldiers
(60% of people)[1]
1 Blacksteel/



Middle ranked wizard



20 - 30 3-20[7] Squires [8]
2 Silver


First Circle


Deacon[9] Knights


30 - 40 20-100[7] Knights [8]
3 Gold


Second Circle


Veteran knights


100-500[7] Veteran Knights[8]
(Element unlocks)

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