Golden Demon Tree

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Creature Information
Species Plant / Demon [1]
Profession Boss [2]
Drops Heart of the Golden Tree

Forest Card

Highland Squire Card

Defensive Gauntlets

Short Sword

Flame Magic Ring
Stats (OZ)
Level 31 [4]
Power Rating Grade 2 [4]
Attacks and Abilities
Demonic Minions Create Rotten Beasts

Create Demonic Trees
Spiritual Strength Control Minions

Long Range Attack Root Spear

Root Web
Area of Effect Earthquake [7]
Light Novel Chapter 32 - Forbidden Garden

The Golden Demon Tree is a variant of a Golden Tree (originally a Holy Elven Tree) that was tainted by The Tree Shepherd with the Blood of Gods to awaken the powers within it.[1] The tree appeared in the Zevail Mountain Pathway sometime around the year 350 of the first era and started to absorb the earth’s nutrients.[8]

The tree lives in the heart of the pathway, called the Forbidden Garden, and appears beautiful with its golden and almost mystical appearance contrasting strangely with the barren surroundings. However, it is the tree's absorption of all earth element mana that caused the area to become barren, and resulted in the unstable elements.[9] Eventually, the entire forest surrounding the tree decayed, becoming a wasteland. Any living creature that carelessly entered would be killed and absorbed as well.[4] The tree is also naturally attracted to Mana and will direct its minions to attack anyone using it within its territory.[1] It then hangs its prey's dead body on the tree’s crown and slowly absorbs the mana from them.[7]

It's abilities include forming Rotten Beasts out of any plant life in the area to act as scouts. These creatures have low intelligence but swarm any intruders with their vast numbers. It can also create elite guards, called Demonic Trees, to protect it by infusing its own fruit with demonic mana.[1] The Demonic Trees used a low rumbling note to pass information to each other, while the Golden Demon Tree communicates with them by telepathy.[10] Through this link, the Golden Demon Tree can issue orders and tell when one of its minions is killed.[11]

Like its minions, the it detects intruders through sound and mana fluctuations.[12] The tree lives in its own eternal dream, and as soon as it discovers trespassers in the Forbidden Garden, it will use a Phantasmagoria attack draw them into its dream. Defeat in the dream world would mean that the person's soul would be detained eternally in the Golden Demonic Tree, until it was purified by flames into ashes, where the souls would finally be released.[5]

There is a young Rock Wurm just outside the Zevail Mountain Pathway that is the Golden Demon Tree's greatest enemy. It was born from the mana imbalance in the area and is only held at bay by the tree's powerful roots which reach out in a radius of one kilometer (0.6 miles). Because of this, when the tree must use its roots to defend against other enemies, the Rock Wurm can use the opportunity to move in closer.[6] The tree has no close range attacks and can only stop intruders using its intricate root system before they get too close.[7]

Brendel, Freya, and Romaine were able to fight past the Demonic Golden Tree's roots while it was partially distracted with fighting the Rock Wurm and killed it.[7]

Abilities Skills Description
Demonic Minions Create Rotten Beasts Turns plants in the area around the Golden Demon Tree into creatures that act as scouts.
Create Demonic Trees Causes the demonic infused fruits that fall from the tree to form into powerful guards
Spiritual Strength Control Minions Commands its minions through a strong telepathic link[5]
Phantasmagoria Draw a person's mind into its own dream world. Here they are attacked by negative emotions until their souls become trapped in the dream world forever.[5]
Long Range Attack Root Spear Targeted attack from a distance were the tree's roots suddenly burst from the ground, impaling its victims.[6]
Root Web Used for both attack and defense, this forms a complex web of roots that whip out at the enemy while keeping them from advancing closer[7]
Area of Effect Attack Earthquake Using the roots to shake and rip open the earth when enemies get close.[7]

Game World

Though it originally was a very difficult boss, after some tricks were discovered, it became possible for it to be soloed. Brendel was one of the many players that killed the Golden Demon Tree countless times to farm the high quality items that it dropped.[4] The drops had a value between 20 OZ - 30 OZ and included the legendary "Heart of the Golden Tree."[1]

After entering the Forbidden Garden, the player would quietly defeat the patrolling Demon Trees without alerting the boss. Once the Golden Demon Tree realizes that an enemy it near, the players would only have about fifteen minutes to defeat it before being swarmed by Rotten Beasts.[9]

The guild "Freedom" discovered that during the tree's Phantasmagoria attack, stronger members that escape first can enter one of the other's dream and support them.[5]

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