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Creature Information
Species Construct [1]
Build metallic body with wings [2]
Stats (OZ)
Level 23 [2]
Health 60 [1]
Strength 4.0 [2]
Weakness Control Rod [1]
Resistance Mind effecting skills [1]
Attacks and Abilities
Movement Skill Flying [1]
Light Novel Chapter 14 - The tomb of Gerald

A gargoyle is the great work of an artisan Bucce Wizard.[2] It is a level 23 monster with a two meter tall metallic body with a five meter wide wingspan. They mostly attack with physical strength and can defend themselves and fly with their wings.[1]

As a Construct, they are artificially created creatures and can be controlled with a control rod, providing that you know the correct command words. Even without the correct commands, they will not attack a person in possession of their control rod. If damaged they "bleed" a bright blue liquid, rather then typical blood.[1]

Gargoyles have intelligence and can learn from experience, but because they are artificial, they are immune to the negative spells cast by a Necromancer.[1]

Brendel unexpectedly came across one in the Knight's Tomb of the Green Village.[2] The only way he was able to survive was by using massive amount of damage that the Ring of the Wind Empress could produce, however, even that could not kill it. After reaching the inner section of the tomb, Brendel was able to locate a small gargoyle statue, which was the creature's control rod.[1]

Abilities Skills Description
Movement Skill Flying Has the ability to fly using physical wings

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