These are terms that refer to the game elements from the VRMMORPG "The Amber Sword."

Character Growth

Term Abbreviation Short Definition
Experience XP An acquired type of currency that is received after defeating enemies and can be spent to advance jobs and skills.[1]
Ability Points AP After a character levels, these points are earned and may be assigned to advance one's abilities and skills.[2]
Level Lvl The current ability a person holds in a certain job or skill.[3]
Stats Refers to the many values that define a character's current abilities.[1]
Jobs A title or classification that determines the rate of stat growth and skill sets available for a player.[3]
Grade A ranking system used by the Holy Cathedral of Fire.[4]

Fighting Terms
Term Abbreviation Short Definition
Magic Abilities that are triggered with mana as well as chants and/or gestures.
Skills Active abilities that must be triggered and have factors that limit their use.
Knowledge Passive abilities that are always available, but have less noticeable effects.
Talents These are the special abilities that can be chosen when certain levels are gained.[3]
Elemental Points EP This is mana that is formed from a specific Element
Spiritual Points SP Energy used to sustain mentally exhausting skills and magic.
Stamina Energy used to sustain physical skills and abilities.
Power Rating Difference A large difference in power rating will cause the attacks of the weaker creature to be less effective.[5]
Health HP The amount of damage a person can take before dying. Some items, such as Healing Pots and Bandages can restore this.[6]
Mana MP Mana is the general name for the energy used to cast magic. The amount a person has determines the type and amount of spells they can cast.
Status Effects A condition that changes a character's normal condition
Cooldown The amount of time in which a player must wait to reuse a skill.
Defensive Points DP Value representing a character's ability to defend against attacks.[7]

Events and Actions
Term Abbreviation Short Definition
Missions These are set story lines that were set up in the game. They often granted rewards that included experience and items.
Proof of Inauguration The event that unlocks of a new job for a player.[8]
Repair The ability to fix items by spending XP[9]
Player Killing PK The act of one player malicious killing another.[10]

People and Things
Term Abbreviation Short Definition
Dungeon An area where a higher concentration of enemies appears.
Guilds Groups organized by the game players.[11]
Combination Item Items that are part of a set.[12]
Non-Player Character NPC These are characters in the game that were not controlled by a player, but rather controlled by the game system.
Oauth OZ This is the unit of power used to quantify all items and skills in both the game and the world.[1]
Boss Used to classify the strongest enemy in a given area (usually a Dungeon.[13]

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