Fortress Riedon
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine
Province Grinoires
Region Elsengran

Also referred as "Fortress Briedon."[1]

This is the most fortified structure in the Elsengran mountainous region of the southern Grinoires province of Aouine. It sits where the Webster and Pine Rivers cross. Fortress Riedon is a major strategic point in Stronghold Vermiere's defensive line that protects their flank.[2]

When Marden evacuates the Bucce citizens he wants to take them towards the Fortress.[3]

The Zevail Mountain Pathway is the most direct route to the fortress from the south.[4] After exiting the pathway and traveling a short distance through the remaining forest, one would reach the small mountain Vendeck that overlooks the fortress and rivers.[5]

When Madara’s Undead Army invaded at the start of The First Black Rose War, Fortress Riedon was unusually quite.[5]Esebar, the noble in charge of the fortress, decided to ignore the invasion thinking that it was the same as previous small scale attacks. Instead of risking their safety and property they purposefully decided to sacrifice the villages, such as Bucce, Verbin, and the Green Village.[6]

Known Locations:

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