Forbidden Garden
Location Information
Kingdom Aouine
Province Grinoires
Region Elsengran
Landmark Red Pine Forest:
Zevail Mountain Pathway

This it the most inner area of the Zevail Mountain Pathway and the home of the Golden Demon Tree. In this area the Golden Demon Tree has stripped all of the earth elemental mana, creating an elemental imbalance.[1]

Just as in the game, Brendel found a small gap hidden in the rock wall with the remains of a Bruglas Noble named Bergens. Besides the expected treasure on the skeleton, he surprisingly discovered a unique mission to deliver the noble's last will.[2]

After defeating the tree, Brendel found Grifond’s crystal key within its branches, just as in the game, and exited through the shadow passageway.[3]

Known Creatures:

Game World

After the trick to defeating the enemies here was discovered, it became a popular grinding spot, with many people even soloing the Boss.[4] It was discovered that a player could avoid most of the enemies by traveling along the raised plateau and hiding in a few safe locations, however, this path lead directly to the Forbidden Garden. After defeating the tree, a player would then take Grifond’s crystal key from its branches and exit through the shadow passageway.[5]

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