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Character Information
Age early teens [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Bucce Militia Third Platoon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Militia [1]
Skills Military Swordsplay [2]
Friends Freya
Light Novel Chapter 4 - The devouring darkness

Also sometimes called "Fenris."[1]

One of the youngest members of Bucce Militia's Third platoon, he is particularly close to the captain, Freya. His swordsmanship is not bad and resembles Kirrlutz’s aggressive sword techniques.[3]

Along with Freya, he is woken up by a loud bang from the hill outside town and comes outside to investigate. He informs her that he ran into Bretton, who told him the Bucce city guards are being summoned by Captain Marden. After Freya asks him to tell the rest of the militia to also gather, he is there when Madara’s Undead Army opens fire with arrows and she is injured in the shoulder.[1]

While the rest of the third platoon was hiding from Madara’s Undead Army, he was scouting the area with Mackie and found Romaine with the near dead Brendel. He was also present when Brendel first regained consciousness, despite his heavy injuries.[4]

Though, like everyone else, he panicked when faced by the vicious necromancer. He was able to pull himself together with the support of Freya and Brendel. During the fight with the Necromancer and four Skeletons, he teams up with Erik. With Brendel's directions about their weaknesses and teamwork, they were the first to pierce the skeleton's skull, destroying it.[2]

Afterward, Mackie and him joined Freya and Irene to fight the necromancer, though Freya did not want him to. By following Brendel's directions step by step, they were able to slowly whittle away at it, as he could predict and counter all the necromancer's moves. This allowed the inexperienced militia to defeat the enemies while suffering only slight injuries.[3]

After being exhausted from traveling all night, Fenix rested with the other militia near Crystal Lake. When Brendel suggested that he will travel to the nearby Green Village for supplies, along with Freya and Irene, Fenix was quick to demand to join as well.[5] However, after watching Brendel's amazing skills with the sword, which even defeated Freya, despite his heavy injuries, Fenix thought it better to listen to his orders. By this time he idolized Brendel more then he did Freya.[6]

Fenix and Jonathon saw Brendel and Romaine off when they left for the Zevail Mountain Pathway. Fenix wanted to go with them, but was refused.[7]

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