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Alias The Golden Apple Lord


Character Information
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality impatient, condescending, selfish
Profession Lord of Fortress Riedon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Noble [1]
Home Fortress Riedon [1]
Light Novel V.1, Ch.42 - Middle-aged person

The Golden Apple Lord, Esebar, was the Noble of Aouine in charge of Fortress Riedon when Madara’s Undead Army first invaded at the start of The First Black Rose War. He had no intention of risking his property or positions by fighting the Madara and instead made every effort to avoid the situation. He hoped to deny responsibility by claiming that he had never been informed of the invasion, excusing him for not rescuing the commoners in the local villages.[1]

His original plans were disrupted when members of the Bucce Militia (Brendel, Romaine, and Freya) unexpectedly made it to the fortress. In response he refused to listen to their warning and instead denounced them as assassins and locked them in the prison. He was at first afraid that Earl Dunn, a visiting high ranking noble, would hear them out. Dunn also ordered them to be imprisoned, however, he also discovered Brendel's precious Elven sword and claimed it. Dunn then showed more interest in the group and warned Esebar that his guards should treat the prisoners well so that he could interrogate them himself.[1]

After the three prisoner's escaped, Luc Beson, the caption of the "White Mane" army stationed in the fortress, showed up at Esebar's mansion. After waking him up, claiming that Brendel is a Highland Knight, he demanded that Esebar help him recruit Brendel into his troops. Now angry, Esebar asked a business partner, Burnley for help. Burnley had been secretly building a small armed force as well, and agreed to loan him some guards. Esebar did not fell threatened by hos friend having his own forces, but warned him to not be more careful.[2]

Game World

Brendel already knew from his last life that Esebar would not move to help them and that he was planning to hide in the fortress. He also knew that the fortress would unexpectedly fall and that Esebar would die.[3]

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